The weakest link in a tow truck

A tow truck and trailer have multiple components. There are hitches, axles, transmission, mirrors, bearings among others. The parts must harmoniously connect to safely transport your cargo. But like any other assembly of equipment, there are some weak links in the connections. The cost of a wink link when towing is great as it could mean a wrecked camper or something worse. We fond additional information on this subject at But for now, read on for some tips from us.

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Causes of accidents in towing

In a way, the weakest link in a tow truck is you. This does not mean to dampen your spirits before towing but just a simple reality check. This is actually the number one cause of accidents related to towing. It might be that you have loaded cargo exceeding your vehicle limit. Perhaps, it could be that you don’t distribute the weight evenly over the tire axles when loading your cargo. Of course, this comes with the added difficulty of driving a vehicle with a trailer attached. This is why it is mandatory to take time when towing.


Preparations before towing

Go through the safety basics of towing before embarking on any job. Consult the vehicle owner’s manual for recommended maintenance schedule and weight limits. Furthermore, practice driving with an empty trailer in an open space to ensure you are comfortable with it. While preparations as a driver are important, there are parts of the tow truck that you should put a keen eye on. Different vehicles and trailers are affected by wear and tear in different ways. Trailer tires are however more susceptible to failures.


Are tires a weak link on a tow truck?

Tire failure results from blowouts when the load on the trailer exerts excessive pressure on the tires causing blowouts. When it happens, it leads to the swaying of the trailer affecting steering control thus exposing you and other road users to accidents. On the other hand, over-inflated tires reduce traction between them and the road surface. It then leads to the lower braking ability of the truck. Always check your tire pressure before embarking on any job as they tend to lose air pressure even when not in use.


Like the tow truck, tires also have weight ratings that should be observed. Overloading predisposes you to a flat tire.

To avoid this, consult the weight ratings of your tires before towing. Also distribute the weight of your load evenly across the tire axles. In addition, ensure you equally inflate your tires. When measuring the tire pressure, do it when they are cold. This is because when tires are in use, the air inside gets hot. A hot reading will cause an underestimation of your tire pressure.

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